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Given all we have collectively gone through in the past 20 months or so, the selection of this issue’s theme of Healthcare seemed particularly appropriate. As you read the articles though, you’ll notice that our focus is not just on the coronavirus but also on the changes that the industry is experiencing such as telemedicine, […]Read More

The Road Ahead – Where is your business on the

As business leaders and entrepreneurs, we often assess our business on a “curve.” The concept of the curve often causes us to think of our businesses as being “behind the curve (trailing edge)” or “ahead of the curve (leading edge).” It has been proven that businesses can be successful from either position. However, the strategies […]Read More


We have been publishing the Greater Daytona Region Edition of EVOLVE since May 2016 becoming the premier business publication in Volusia County. When we launched EVOLVE, we were primarily a print publication. Today, we are a hybrid, providing digital and print versions of each issue, as well as additional content on our new website, […]Read More

Message from the Publisher

Even the most beloved career might not last forever. When the curtain came down on their original choices, these Volusia County residents decided it was time to open their career’s Second Act.Read More

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