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August 2020

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Flagler Health+ Brings New Vision of Healthcare to Palm Coast

If it takes a village to raise a child, then plans by Flagler Health+ to build a “health village” in Palm Coast could raise Flagler County’s quality of life.

The concept, announced by the St. Augustine-based entity formerly known as Flagler Hospital last fall, is set for construction on a four-acre parcel at the corner of Matanzas Woods and Belle Terre parkways and is expected to be operational in 2022.

Secret to Success: Small Businesses Share Their Secrets to Success in Trillion Dollar Industry

The global wellness economy is a booming market, and for those who have decided to carve out a career path with a business, they’re reaping the rewards of a $4.2 trillion industry.

Medical Nexus Project offers Palm Coast Room to Grow

The healthcare landscape in Palm Coast is poised to change, figuratively and literally, thanks to an initiative underway from the University of North Florida.

Keeping Employees Healthy Post Covid-19

Employees and employers might consider short-term wellness and longer-term design changes that create an environment that maximizes everyone’s ability to stay healthy now and in the future.

Emotional Intelligence: How Self-Awareness Impacts Decision-Making

Several years ago, I was lucky enough to experience a significant investment loss. I say lucky because the resulting teeth gnashing inspired a quest to understand the mistakes so that I could avoid similarly disastrous future decisions.

Stay Local. Stay Near. Stay Safe.

COVID-19 has greatly affected our local economy. With tourism being so important to our economy, everyone is wondering how to and when we will rebound. We believe that economic recovery begins at home.

When Companies “Care” Employee Health, Stress & Engagement Significantly Improved

To understand what has the most profound impact on employee wellness, you need to look beyond the existence of wellness programs.

Shining A Light On Economic Success!

A Passion for Health – Palm Coast’s Designs for Health Focuses on Natural Healing

You visit your doctor for your annual check-up and hear the dreaded words – you have high blood pressure. You suspected this could be the case, and as you check out with a handful of prescriptions and orders to begin an exercise regimen, you begin to wonder if you could have prevented this day from coming so soon, after all, you’re only 50.

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