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August 2020

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Leading in a Time of Crisis: A Q&A with Lisa White

There has been an interesting dichotomy, we have seen some sections of our membership/community with increased revenue due to COVID while others are struggling to stay afloat or closing their doors.

Love What You Do – Volusia Health Experts Share Their Secrets to Success

Sage advice says love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. For three Volusia County businesses in the health and wellness industry, truer words have never been spoken.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Creative companies understand that a healthy and engaged workforce can not only increase productivity but can also add to that bottom line. One area where those efforts can literally pay dividends is in employee mental health.

Federal Pandemic Help, a ‘Lifeline’ to Local Business

Business planning under the best of circumstances isn’t an exact science. But add a global pandemic to the mix and that can throw even the most detailed calculations out the window.

Team Volusia Investor Spotlights

The Team Volusia Economic Development Corporation (TVEDC), through tremendous commitment and partnerships, works on strategic economic development activities and business recruitment initiatives to Volusia County, Florida.

Shining A Light On Economic Success!

Relaunch Volusia: Programs Provide Business Relief

Volusia County businesses have shown great resilience in the face of COVID-19. With creativity and collaboration, many businesses have added new products, performed new services, repurposed facilities and saved jobs.

Future Foods Holds Future Promise for Ormond Beach

One of the recent trends in dining and nutrition is the growing popularity of plant-based proteins.

Emotional Intelligence: How Self-Awareness Impacts Decision-Making

Several years ago, I was lucky enough to experience a significant investment loss. I say lucky because the resulting teeth gnashing inspired a quest to understand the mistakes so that I could avoid similarly disastrous future decisions.

Keeping Employees Healthy Post Covid-19

Employees and employers might consider short-term wellness and longer-term design changes that create an environment that maximizes everyone’s ability to stay healthy now and in the future.

When Companies “Care” Employee Health, Stress & Engagement Significantly Improved

To understand what has the most profound impact on employee wellness, you need to look beyond the existence of wellness programs.

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