February 2020

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  • How To Perfect Your Next Act

    Even the most beloved career might not last forever. When the curtain came down on their original choices, these Volusia County residents decided it was time to open their career’s Second Act. [...]

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  • Central Florida Embraces the “Gig” Economy

    There’s a new category of worker in Central Florida—and you’ve already met them. The woman who designed your business logo, the man who sold you that handmade sweater, and the Lyft driver who got you safely to your destination are not working jobs in the same way our parents and grandparents did. They are gig workers... [...]

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  • Florida Company Seeks to Build Workforce of the Future

    Tim and Sara Hale recall the days of weekly traveling, interfacing with clients across the nation and spending extended periods of time away from home as experts in the emerging field of technology. Taking stock of what was important, and the need for a work-life balance, the couple created Coastal Cloud in 2012, which has since become a powerhouse in the Global Digital Transformation Consulting Services market. [...]

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  • High Potential Careers

    The economy is good, and unemployment is on the decline in the Volusia County region. But what does that mean for continuing prospects for those already employed and career potential for the region’s graduating students? [...]

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  • Workforce of the Future

    What does the Future Workforce look like? According to ManPower Group Research on Millennials and Careers, one of the top priorities for millennials when looking for a job are money (92 percent), security (87 percent), holidays/time off (86 percent), great people (80 percent), and flexible working (79 percent). [...]

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  • How to Keep Your Business Strong during Coronavirus

    These are challenging times. Lots of business owners have closed their doors, sent employees home and are now wondering how they can keep business afloat while we wait for our lives to return to some semblance of normal. How do you position your business for success? These ideas work whether your ideal customer is a business or a consumer. [...]

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