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Emphasizing Employee Diversity and Career Development at Sandvik Palm Coast

Employee diversity and career development are attributes the management team of Sandvik Palm Coast takes pride in as part of their corporate culture.

Here since 1993, Sandvik Palm Coast (SPC) is owned by Sweden-based Sandvik, an international engineering corporation founded in 1862. Sandvik has sales in more than 160 countries and a workforce of 40,000 employees, including 120 in Palm Coast.

SkillPointe: Changing the Paradigm Through a Focus on Skills-Based Education and Job Opportunities

The words “fresh start” can lead to hope and anxiety, especially when paired with “career.” Yet 2021 brings that concept to unprecedented populations across the nation.

Workforce Workhorse: Flagler Technical College Partners with Local Businesses to Keep County Growing

It’s been said the more things change, the more they remain the same. While that may be a generalization, for Flagler Technical College, it gets to the heart of the school’s mission.

How to Respond to “Thank you” in Business

Let’s admit: We all walk around with ready-to-go formulas in our heads to communicate with others. We learn this because we need openers and closers for conversations, acknowledgments that events have occurred, and reflexive formalities to keep communication moving.

Daytona State College is Bridging the Nursing Shortage Gap

The College is hoping its commitment to grow the program at the Flagler/Palm Coast Campus will strengthen a home-grown pipeline that will distribute dozens of new nurses across the region each year.

From Classrooms to Careers – Flagler Schools Help Students Plan Their Track for Success

If you haven’t visited a classroom in a while, you’re likely in for a surprise.

Today’s classrooms in the Flagler County school district are filled with hands-on activities and cutting-edge technology resulting in a quality education for students.

Workforce Key Piece of Economic Development Puzzle

Checking items off a bucket list is a goal for many people looking to improve their lives, but Flagler County officials are hoping to fill the buckets on their lists.

Building the Ladder – Continuing Education
for the Career Win

Especially as Americans are retooling in a post-COVID economy, those looking to remain relevant in their fields or transition to the next level, should take advantage of the free or low-cost continuing education opportunities available.

Workforce Development Challenges Facing Their Industries: A Q&A with Mark Langello and John Lulgjuraj

The construction industry has been suffering from a talent drain for over a dozen years. After the “Great Recession” of 2008, many talented and experienced people in the construction industry, which was severely impacted, left the field and never came back.

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